Movie Preview: Desh Drohi

Movie Preview: Desh Drohi
Banner: O K International
Producer: Kamal Rashid Khan
Director: Jagdish Sharma
Star Cast :Gracy Singh, Ravi Kishan, Manoj Tiwari, Hrishita Bhatt, Mukesh Tiwari, Yashpal Sharma, Nirmal Pandey, Ranjeet, Raza Murad, Shakti Kapoor, Kader Khan, Shiva, Prem Chopra, Kamal Rashid Khan, Kim Sharma, Rozza Catalano, Aman Verma
Music Director: Nikhil, Vinay
Background Music: Pramod Nair

Choreography: Pappu Khanna, Saroj Khan, Umesh Jadhav, Sabina Khan
Art: Arvind Jain
Editor: Nasir, Ahmed Ansari
Screenplay: Kamal Rashid Khan
Sound: Banne Khan
Dialogue: Kamal Rashid Khan
Costume: Nahid Shah, Rubina Khan, Sajid Khan
Story Writer: Kamal Rashid Khan

The story of the movie “Desh Drohi “is about politics, corruption and a common man. In the movie a man Raja reaches Mumbai in search of a decent job. He left his father and neighboring Neha back in village. Neha loves him.

Raja meets Shekhar who is doing the job of a watchman in the town and he also meets Sonia who works for Baba Kadam, a drug dealer. Raja once helps Sonia escape from the attacks of group of Rajan Nayak, who is enemy of Baba Kadam and both fall in love.

Raja finds that staying in Mumbai was tough and difficult for North Indians and he meets Shrivastav, a north Indian politician, for help, who uses common man for his political benefits. The drug mafia of Mumbai city is helped by politicians and media wants to reveal the corruption prevalent in the city.

Once the opposition drug dealer, Rajan Nayak gives the contract of killing Raja and Sonia to police inspector, Rajesh Sharma and in the process the police himself gets killed. The police runs in search of both Raja and Sonia and both try to escape from gangsters and police. They try to get help from the politician who cheats them and even their boss Baba Kadam double cross them.

Raja decides that he will kill all involved in the case and he is helped by inspector Rohit Raghav to kill politician Srivastva. Rohit is Neha’s husband.

How Raja and Sonia will escape law and teach the criminals a lesson is the story of the film.

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