Shakti Kapoor getting positive roles

Filmmakers are choosing to cast Shakti Kapoor in righteous instead of crooked roles.

In K.C. Bokadia’s “Bold“, he plays the role of a righteous friend who stands up for the cause of a rape victim and helps her take revenge.

On the other hand, in “Malamaal Weekly”, he plays the role of a pious priest who becomes a partner in the lottery money when the winner dies of shock.

There’s also an “art film” in the offing called “Chalta Hai Yaar”, co-starring Raghuvir Yadav, in which Kapoor plays a compassionate soul who helps needy people.

“I did not ask for it, it’s the choice of the makers who have decided to cast me in positive roles. For some reason, the negative roles are just not coming my way. The truth is that the negative phase in my life is probably over. The sting operation was probably the last of that phase,” Shakti smiles.

He adds that he has got 10 films lined up for release in the next three months, all of them with positive roles.

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