Why Shah Rukh and Salman fight in Kat’s Birthday party?

Why did Shah Rukh and Salman fight in Kat’s Birthday party
There are many reasons given for the fight between the two top stars of bollywood Salman Khan and Shah Rukh, in Katrina’s birthday party where Salman had personally invited Shah Rukh.Absolutely the fight was in an absurd manner that illuminated the culture of bollywood. Many said that Salman was high with drinks and he provoked Shah Rukh Khan to get into the fight. Aamir Khan was also invited to the party and he intermediated between the two Khans and when the fight got ugly, Shah Rukh’s wife pulled him away from the party.

The people present in the party said it all started as Salman invited Shah Rukh Khan to his TV show and Shah Rukh refused. Salman has appeared in Shah Rukh’s “Kaun Banega Krorepati” and “Om Shanti Om” song and he said to SRK that his TV show “Kyaa Aap Panchvi Pass..” is a flop and “you are a selfish man,” “you keep relations until you are in need of it “ and when Shah Rukh was provoked to reply him.

Salman said him “to keep quiet otherwise he would beat him up.” Shah Rukh said that “What do you think yourself, I m also a goonda from Delhi and I can fight with you in front of your people”. It is said if Gauri had not interrupted there would have been serious battering between the two.

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman were in controversy when Aishwarya was working with Shah Rukh in a film. Shah Rukh had initially signed Aishwarya for the film “Chalte Chalte” and then the shooting of the film was disrupted by Salman coming to sets .Shah Rukh later replaced Aish with Rani in the film.

In the current fights the news have also been that Salman suggested a World Tour stage show idea to Shah Rukh Khan ,similar to the shows taken up by Bachchans.. What is the truth behind the happening is just not very clear .The fights shows the real picture behind glamour world where even the top actors are extremely insecure and it shows that high ambition is often misleading or the actors are taking up their screen images too seriously.

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